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Save time(s).

Keep times for several athletes during workouts and competitions effortlessly. Even when multiple people start in groups one after the other.


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Save paper.

Forget about handwritten notes on paper. You handle one button, we handle data organization and export for smart long-term analytics.


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Be loved.

Be loved for sharing your timing history instantly with athletes being timed or anyone else, in private or on social media.


The better stopwatch

Herotime is world’s first single-button multi stopwatch and the only stopwatch app for sports timing that is a true replacement for a traditional handheld stopwatch – or even several. On top, you get a great timing history, the most advanced cadence module and instant sharing and export. At an unbeatable price point for the fully-functional stopwatch base: FREE.

Sports stopwatch reinvented

Patent-pending tap&arrange technology: World’s first PRACTICAL solution to timing several athletes at once at maximum precision. Also featuring:

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Physical button support
Add and remove athletes in seconds
Instantly share results
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Export to: Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive
.csv export directly opens in Excel
Easy stride/stroke rates for every split

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